Local Assessments: Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs)

In 2014, Mansfield ISD began administering Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs) district wide at the elementary, intermediate, and middle school levels. CBAs are common formative assessments designed to gather evidence of student learning.   These tests have been developed within the Mansfield ISD Curriculum & Instruction Department Curriculum & Instruction Department and are given throughout the school year as a way to assess students’ mastery of the curriculum.  As part of a balanced assessment program, CBAs provide teachers and students with diagnostic information to help guide the learning process.  During the past three years of implementation, the MISD’s Curriculum and Instruction staff members have used the results from these assessments to monitor the implementation of the curriculum, provide feedback to teachers regarding instructional practice, and to assess student learning.  Information obtained from locally-developed tests is also used to set campus goals and to plan appropriate learning activities that meet the needs of individual students.

Additional information about the CBAs can be found in the following documents

  • Curriculum-Based Assessment FAQs
  • Curriculum-Based Assessment Guidelines​​.
  • Local Assessment (CBA) Schedule: 2017-18

Local Assessment Resources

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